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posted Nov 22, 2010, 7:05 AM by Joel Parker

Picture: Mrs. Luce and Mrs. Gardner's class posing with pumpkin project!

Mrs. Luce and Mrs. Gardner's classes have been learning about pumpkins this week. They weighed them, measured them, and counted the seeds. They also learned how to carve them. 

Conner Hollis, a second grade student in Mrs. Warrington's class, wrote a letter to the principal telling her about the mathematics concept, symmetry, that they are learning about in class. He stated that "a line of symmetry is a vertical line that makes something in half and looks the same on both sides." He showed examples of a circle and a piece of pizza with a line of symmetry drawn through both. Great job, Conner! Conner has already reached 100 Accelerated Reader points for the school year which is a wonderful accomplishment for a student in the second grade! Congratulations! 

Mrs. Edwards has been working with her elementary kids, getting ready for their Christmas skit coming up December 6th. 

The Slocum Mustangs had their first game of the season this year in Madisonville. They won in a nail-biter in overtime. Also, the Mustangs are hosting their annual "Holiday Hoops Tournament." Teams attending are: Legget, Frankston, Houston SFA, Laneville, Malakoff, Central Heights, Woden, Cushing, Groveton, Huntington, Rusk, and Martin's Mill. It should be a great tournament! Good luck Mustangs!!!