Slocum is a small progressive school that believes parent participation is important. We believe that learning takes place at all times. Ubiquitous technology is one way we are expanding our student learning.We are extending our school beyond its walls with anytime, anywhere learning.

This page was created to bring you fast and informative information about your student and their teachers. If there is any other way that this place can help please do not hesitate to let us know.


Attention Slocum Alumni!!!

The Slocum Library has extra yearbooks from the following past years for $25 each.  If you are interested, please contact Lisa Missildine at or 903-478-3624, ext. 109.

1983-1984…….5 copies

1984-1985…….2 copies

1985-1986…….5 copies

1986-1987…….6 copies

1987-1988…….4 copies

1990-1991……..5 copies

1992-1993……..4 copies

1994-1995……..4 copies

1997-1998…….7 copies

2001-2002…….4 copies

Fan Mail

Pre-K to 5th Grade Parents, we would just like to remind you that our yearbook staff is still selling fan mail messages. The general idea of Fan Mail is to allow words of inspiration and encouragement from a parental perspective addressed to your child through our school’s yearbook. We are selling three-lined messages for $5 each. If you have any questions regarding fan mail or the yearbook, please contact Mrs. Cathy Brenner, yearbook sponsor.

-         2013-14 Yearbook Staff


The yearbook is always needing pictures. If you are interested in sharing some of yours, please email them to

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